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We professionally oversee and maintain second homes on Kiawah Island.


The Island Company provides you peace of mind because your property is being watched and cared for by dedicated professionals.


We know that the best kind of maintenance is preventive; we will customize a year-round maintenance program to ensure your home's readiness no matter the conditions. 


Our team is background checked and our vendors all maintain the appropriate licensure and insurance.  




The Island Company strives to: Simplify Life - Save Time - Earn Trust

We are your eyes and ears


As a homeowner, you know that preventative maintenance is far more beneficial than reactive maintenance.


The problem is - do you really have time to give your second home the attention it needs?  Deferred maintenance is the #1 reason for expensive repairs in a second home. 


The Island Company prides itself in its ability to detect, report, and repair maintenance issues before they become a problem.  Our No-hassle maintenance program will ensure your  homes readiness no matter what time of year it is.  


From small repairs to major projects, we are your trusted resource. 

Our detailed weekly inspection reports keep you up to date on your home and it's condition.


We offer:

  • Weekly Home Watch Inspections and Reports for Absentee Owners

  • Housekeeping 

  • Maintenance repairs (HVAC, plumbing, electric, carpentry, appliance, painting, etc.)

  • General Contracting and Project Management

  • Seasonal maintenance recommendations

  • Arrival and Departure Services

  • Handyman services

  • Winterization

  • Hurricane preparations

  • Arrange deliveries

  • Airport car services

  • Car maintenance

  • Mobile Car Detailing

  • Bike maintenance and/or rentals

  • Change light bulbs and air filters

  • Grocery shopping

  • Stocking house supplies

  • Dry cleaning delivery 

  • Running errands

  • Pet sitting

  • Mail forwarding and pick up

  • Window cleaning 

  • Power washing

  • Audio/Visual work

  • Transportation arrangements

  • Much more



"If we can't do it we know someone who can"


Management Team Group.jpeg
  • Empty mailbox and sort mail

  • Yard and Pool condition

  • Trees away from house

  • Door locked upon entry

  • Alarm set, if applicable

  • Railing secure

  • Garbage can empty

  • Exterior paint condition

  • Window clarity

  • Gutters clear of debris

  • Exterior wood condition

  • Garage ceiling condition

  • Garage lights

  • Dehumidifiers reading at or below 60%

  • Ceilings, no leaks or stains

  • Bug activity

  • Flush toilets

  • Check under toilet supply lines for leaks

  • Interior doors open for airflow

  • Interior lights 

  • Doors and windows secured

  • Circuit breakers

  • Fridge temperature

  • Freezer temperature

  • Beverage and wine refrigerators

  • Ice machine working

  • Stove and oven, OFF

  • Thermostat settings

  • Moisture content of house

  • Smell for gas 

  • Attic insulation condition

  • Air handlers

  • Rodent evidence

  • Water heaters condition

  • Set alarm

  • Lock door

  • Replace light bulbs and air filters as needed

What's includied in our home watch inspections?

We are eager to maintain and care for your Kiawah Island home.  Experience island time made easy.
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