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The Island Company provides it's owners with their very own fully customized cleaning service.


Are you are fed up with the big chains and their cookie-cutter methods and pricing?  Are you sick of dealing with cleaners who have no professionalism or competence? 


Then it's time to work with the professionals at The Island Company.  We are in the relationship business.  Our staff comes to anticipate your needs, and deliver unmatched professionalism and customization every time.


We are fully licensed and insured.  Our cleaners have decades of experience and a friendly, pleasant demeanor.  We bring our own cleaning supplies, mops, brooms, and rags.



The Island Company strives to: Simplify Life - Save Time - Earn Trust

Crystal Clear Cleaning


We offer:


◦    Arrival Touch-ups

◦    Departure Cleanings

◦    Laundry and Towels

◦    Spring/Deep Cleanings

◦    Construction Cleanings

   Custom Cleaning Packages




"Have an enviromentally friendly home clean"


The Island Company has strategic professional relationships with the best service providers in the Charleston. 


This means you save money. Some of the benefits of our relationships include:

 Free Critter and Pest Inspections

 Lower Hourly Maintenance Rates

Low Cleaning Rates

Faster Response Times

Discounted Window and Pressure Washing Rates

◦ Discounted Painting Rates

 Less Deferred Maintenance-Less Expensive Repairs!

Will you save any money with us?

We are eager to maintain and care for your Kiawah Island home.  Allow us to help.
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